If you are looking to migrate to Canada, then you know that the Express Entry Program is the most popular way for migrating to Canada. However, the Express Entry Program follows a points-based approach where invitations are issued to high-scoring candidates. All eligible applications are placed in the Express Entry Pool where each profile is scored using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The higher you score, the better your rank is.

Do you know what your CRS score is? Find out with the CRS score calculator.

Now, what if your CRS score if not very high? Or what if your CRS score is below the current Express Entry cut-off? How can you then immigrate to Canada? The answer is through the Provincial Nomination Programs.  

There are more than 80 different Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada. Each of them has their own eligibility requirements according to the labor market needs of that particular province. Often, these PNPs aim to fill in employment gaps in the province and hence they target candidates who have experience in the high demand occupations in the province.

Some PNPs may require you to prove a connection to the province. The connection could be a relative living in the province or prior education or work experience in the province. Such requirements may not be easy for all immigrants to fulfill. However, there are several other PNPs that are perfect for those who live outside Canada and have no connection to its provinces.

Here are the best PNPs for Canada immigration, especially if you have a low CRS score:

  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The International Skilled Worker PNP of Saskatchewan targets candidates who have work experience in the in-demand occupations of the province. A few months back, Saskatchewan expanded its in-demand occupation list from 19 occupations to over 200. With the expansion of the occupation list, more candidates are now eligible to apply. Eligible candidates must at least have a post-secondary degree or diploma of one year. They must also have competent English or French skills.

If you are from outside Canada, then there are two streams under which you can apply. If you have a valid Express Entry profile, then you can apply under the Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream. If you do not have an Express Entry profile, then you can apply under the Saskatchewan Occupations In-demand Stream. However, you must have work experience of at least one year in an in-demand occupation.

The best part is that none of the above two streams requires a CRS score. That means you do not need to get disappointed by checking your score on a CRS calculator.

To be eligible, you must score a minimum of 60 points on the Saskatchewan points grid.

  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario happens to be the most popular province in Canada among immigrants. The growing tech market of the province attracts many immigrants from all over the world. To cater to its ever-growing tech sector, Ontario has a large quota for immigrants through its Provincial Nominee Program.

If you live outside Canada, then the Human Capital Priorities Stream is the best option. This steam gives priority to candidates who can fill in the skilled employment gaps in the province.

The Human Capital Priorities Stream is linked to the Express Entry Program. Hence, you must have an active Express Entry profile. 

Ontario has lately been targeting tech candidates under the Human Capital Priorities Stream. Eligible candidates must have work experience in any one of the six eligible tech occupations. Tech candidates, with CRS scores as less as 358 have received invitations through the Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario.

If you have superior French language skills, you may also be eligible for Ontario’s French-speaking Skilled Workers Stream. To be eligible you must have an active Express Entry profile.

  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

The province of Alberta is home to some of the most popular cities in Canada like Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta has one of the most thriving job markets in Canada and hence, you should consider applying to it.

If you have a valid Express Entry profile, you may be eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream. The major benefit of the Alberta Express Entry Stream is that it invites candidates with CRS scores as low as 300. 

A provincial nomination is worth 600 points on the CRS score. If you get one, you increase your CRS score by 600 points which guarantees you an ITA (Invitation to Apply) in the subsequent invitation rounds.

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