Saskatchewan is well-known for being the easiest province to immigrate to. However, you need to fulfill a set number of requirements before you can be selected for SINP nomination and make your way to Canada as a PR. This post explains why you need to use the 2018 SINP points calculator and how it can help you understand when you can get selected for Saskatchewan PNP nomination. Let us start with a brief explanation of the SINP program.

What Does the SINP Program Offer?

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program or SINP is regarded as the easiest PNP nomination program among all other provinces. It requires only 60 points of out 100 in its assessment grid to qualify applications for consideration. This means that any person whose CRS score is lower than the latest Express Entry Draw score but still has a score above 60 points in the SINP assessment grid is eligible for SINP nomination for Canada PR.

Another important factor is that SINP, like all other PNP programs, works exclusively with Occupation in Demand. So, you need to be from a job type which is in demand in Saskatchewan at the time you are applying. This is important as,without an OiD job, you will not be able to get the nomination. So, for getting a Canada PR visa through SINP, you need to have two things. First, 60 points scored in the SINP assessment grid and a job in demand is Saskatchewan.

How is the 2018 SINP Points Calculator Helpful Here?

The SINP points calculator offered by Nationwide Immigration is an important tool for assessing your eligibility before you make the actual application to Saskatchewan. The points assessment grid is the first thing that the SINP authorities are going to look at when they consider your application.

So, it would be smart to check your eligibility beforehand. Otherwise, you would be wasting your precious time as well as theirs. Also, Saskatchewan requires that all PNP applicants pay CAD300 for processing the application. Now, if you pay this fee and then get rejected because your score wasn’t high enough, then this money would also be wasted. So, all in all, it is a better option to check your eligibility first and then make the application.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using the 2018 SINP Points Calculator?

Another key benefit of using the SINP points calculator is that you can get expert advice from our Canada immigration specialists. Like all immigration programs for Canadian provinces, SINP also has a specific process for applying which must be followed. Any small misstep in application, documentation, fee payment or any other part can lead to a cancellation and time wasting. So, it is best to take professional help when making your SINP application.

Also, it is possible that your points assessment score is not able to reach 60 points. In that case, you will not be eligible for SINP nomination for immigration as Canada PR. Now to make yourself eligible, you will need to have an understanding of where you can and should improve your profile score. This is a highly specialized consultation and can only be provided by seasoned experts with many successful clients on their work resume.

So, overall, it is highly recommended that you use Nationwide Immigration’s 2018 SINP Points Calculator to determine your eligibility before making your application.

How Does the SINP Points Calculator Work?

The SINP points calculator has the same working process as any other points calculator system for Canada immigration. It takes into consideration critical factors like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. and provides a points assessment score based on the latest requirements as set by the SINP authorities.

In order to get an accurate reading of your points assessment, you need to use a reliable points calculator like the one at Nationwide Immigration. We keep our points calculator updated to ensure that all our clients get accurate readings and can act on the best advice based on it. Once you use our points calculator, we can also tell you exactly where you lack the most and how you can improve it.

Why Should You Go for Nationwide Immigration?

Nationwide Immigration is a leading name in the world of Canada immigration. We are based on India but also have offices in Ontario. This makes us a highly trustworthy name which you can bank on. Further, Nationwide Immigration has worked as an ICCRC accredited Canada immigration consultancy in India for the past 11 years. In that time, we have also successfully helped over 10,000 of our clients move to Canada successfully. So, it is only natural for our consultancy to be a leading figure in the Indian Canada immigration industry.

Another reason why we are so highly celebrated in the industry is because of our 100% placement record. Our Mission Zero Defect Policy ensures that our clients are successfully placed every time. This naturally gives us a commanding presence among our industry peers and rivals. Further, we also offer other additional services which are not available at other Canada immigration consultancies.

Nationwide Immigration is well-known for offering a range of additional Canada immigration services like IELTS training, job search and placement help and even post-landing services. Clients are also advised on the best possible services that they should take. Our experts ensure that they understand why they need to get and how it will help.

Along with that, they also ensure that the immigration package for each client is optimized in their pricing. This means that clients do not need to spend any more on their immigration process than absolutely necessary. As a result, our policies and practices along with our reputation and overall experience make us a highly reliable immigration consultancy.

If you want to immigrate to Saskatchewan as soon as possible as a Canada PR, then go ahead and use our 2018 SINP points calculator. Let us help you realize your immigration dream!