The occupation in demand stream for Canada immigration has always been popular with skilled professionals. It is indeed great to immigrate to Canada without a job offer but not every person is eligible to apply through this immigration category. Broadly speaking, Canada has a set of highly specialized skill groups which are used to determine if any professional can be allowed to immigrate to Canada.

There are a lot of mistaken ideas about how the Occupation in Demand stream actually works. This has led many professionals to try and apply on their own

without checking their eligibility and ensuring all other relevant factors. Naturally, many of them have ended up disappointed and wasted a lot of valuable time and money.

Before you apply for Canada immigration through occupation in demand, you need to understand how this stream can be used to help you in immigrating without a job offer. Let us help you understand the basics of how this works.

How Does the Occupation in Demand Stream Work?

Canada has a growing demand for skilled professionals across all its provinces. Despite being a developed economy, the country is growing steadily and so, it needs skilled professionals for the right jobs. This has led to the creation of the Occupation in Demand stream.

The OiD stream is primarily meant for skilled professionals who have the right education and a good amount of experience in their field. So, for the most part, new professionals or those with less than 3 years of experience are not eligible. There might be exceptions and you should speak to our Canada immigration experts to find out.

In education too, the requirement is generally considered to be a master’s level degree. Although bachelor’s level degree holders can apply, the chances of getting selected a lower for them. However, a lot also depends on other factors like the number of applicants in your specific field. Also, different provinces in Canada have different requirements and are willing to accept certain applicants more than others.

So, the best way to apply for Canada immigration through Express Entry or PNP is by taking the professional help of a Canada immigration expert. With that said, you should know how we are going to work and what is the overall process of making the best application for you through the OiD stream. Let us explain the general process.

How Can We Help You Apply Through the OiD Stream?

The Occupation in Demand stream can be very quick in getting applicants ITAs for PR visa if they are applied for properly. Generally speaking, most professionals think that applying just through the Express Entry stream is enough. However, our experts prefer to be definitive in making applications. So, it is common practice for us to apply through both Express Entry as well as Provincial Nomination Programs. This helps ensure that the immigration authorities at all levels are aware of your application and can process it as quickly as possible.

Knowing which province to apply to and using the right process to make the application is a key aspect of being successful. Only reliable and experienced Canada immigration experts can tell you which province will be best suited for applying based on your profile specifications. However, if you want to know which province has a high demand for your profession, you can check out the OiD stream pages for each province on our website. They will give you a list of all the professionals currently in demand in the province you want to move to.

The reason we say professionals should be consulted is because they are aware of the actual situation at the ground level in Canada. They can tell you whether your application will actually be successful. There are plenty of other factors that need to be considered as well that require professional help.

For example, one of the biggest factors for consideration with OiD is the Proof of Funds document. You may be perfectly eligible for immigrating to Canada without a job offer through the OiD stream. But without the Proof of Funds, you will not be able to immigrate. This document basically shows that you have enough non-borrowed liquid funds in your account with a reputed banking institution and can access it whenever required.

The reason why Proof of Funds is required is that without an active job offer, you will have no source of income in Canada. So, you will need reserved funds to support yourself and anyone coming to Canada with you. The Proof of Funds document is meant to show you have the required funds. This will need to be ascertained by a reliable Canada immigration expert. So, it is critical to consult them.

What Can Nationwide Immigration Do for My OiD Application?

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